Thursday, December 05, 2013

Some personal miscellany:

1. I was recently one of the participants in the inaugural year of Gerson Zevi's Land Art Road Trip. We spent a month travelling through Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, staying in motels and campsites, looking at art. There are photos here and here. Some of the unsigned text on the latter blog is by me and some of it is by the White Review's Ben Eastham.

2. Since then, I've appeared as a Granta BoYBN author at Ncell Nepal Literature Festival in Kathmandu, Hay Festival Dhaka, and the Non/Fiction Book Fair in Moscow. I had a great time throughout, so thank you to all my hosts, especially the guys from Lalit magazine for introducing me to Newari food.

3. My contribution to Friday Firsts, the Radio 4 fiction series for authors who've never written for radio before, will be broadcast on January 3rd. It's called "Finding Your Voice" and it's almost gothic and lurid as another story of mine, "Light and Space", which will be published in the Guardian Weekend magazine's Christmas ghost story special on December 21st.

4. One of my favourite bars in New York, Elsa on East 3rd Street, has a new cocktail on its winter menu named after my book Boxer, Beetle, made with blackberry bourbon, rose hip grenadine, lemon, allspice dram and rosemary. If you're in the city over the next few months, go and try it.

5. I am now back in Brooklyn: below, my flatmate's new adoption cat, who because of her colour is only rarely visible against my outfits.

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