Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In September I'll be moving to New York for a while to coincide with the US publication of Boxer, Beetle. So if you'd like me to read at your event or sign at your bookshop, please get in touch. I also need somewhere to live! So if you have a room to sublet, please get in touch too. My email address is

"My coming to New York had been a mistake; for whereas I had looked for poignant wonder and inspiration in the teeming labyrinths of ancient streets that twist endlessly from forgotten courts and squares and waterfronts to courts and squares and waterfronts equally forgotten, and in the Cyclopean modern towers and pinnacles that rise blackly Babylonian under waning moons, I had found instead only a sense of horror and oppression which threatened to master, paralyse, and annihilate me." - HP Lovecraft