Monday, October 11, 2010

On Wednesday 13th at 7 I'll be doing an event at the excellent Pages of Hackney on the Lower Clapton Road. It's free entry and free wine, and I intend to read a bit from my novel in progress The Teleportation Accident, which nobody has seen yet and will not be out until 2012.


Neil Vogler said...

Hello Ned! As nobody has yet commented here I felt motivated -- nay, compelled -- to break the author/blog reader silence. Erm, Kaboom. Anyway thoroughly enjoyed Boxer, Beetle, am recommending it to all those I know with an interest in beetles, Nazis, and scenes of homosexual yearning (a surprisingly high number of individuals) and just wanted to say well done etc. Consider me already onboard for the next one. Oh and for your delectation and amusement, here's a short film that attempts to make sense of quantum mechanics, entanglement, and teleportation that I just happened to stumble upon. Enjoy.
Teleportation Explained

Neil V

Unknown said...

Will you be doing anymore events in/around London?

Just finished Beetle, Boxer and loved it. Best of luck for the GFB award...